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    How's everyone doing? I've been serving in the Air Force for 7 years as a firefighter. I joined the site to communicate with new and experienced firemen. If anyone has questions about military firefighting shoot me an email. I joined this site to find out information on school and education that will ghelp me on the outside.

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    welcome to the forum bro. feel free to browse and ask anything but expect to see interesting comments.

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    hey 2004AFIREDAWG, I actually have some questions for you about AF Firefighting, I was actually looking into transferring from USAR to AF for firefighting. All Army I believe is mostly contractors and cant seem to find a active duty recruiter to give me a straight answer about things, and funny enought the AF recruiter doesnt seem to know how to call me back! You have obviously been doing this for a little while so you must like it. What is your training like/ your day-day ops/ how difficult would it be to transfer green to blu? Thanks in advance.

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