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    I have two sets of southcombe fire master 4's. One ultra and one original for my career fire job and my call department at home. I love them both but I've been eye balling the eska Jupiter- the fabric version of the eska fire glove. I've searched the forums but only found feedback on the leather versions. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Jupiter- the fabric models?

    I've used the protech 8 and the titans, liked them but the gloves suck getting on and off with even slightly sweaty hands. Also tried the dragon fire gloves, like them because they have the same awesome liner as the southcombe gloves and some better sensitivity but disliked them because the fingertips were bulky and awkward. So I shouldnt need any recommendations for these. Just the eska Jupiters. I feel like they may be like the original protech 8 but I'm curious about the liner comparison.

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    I have received an advert in my email of one of the fabric gloves of Eska and here's what is says:


    The NEW ESKA "Fabric" firefighting glove is a lightweight, fire resistant Kermel material that does not retain water and dries faster than leather.
    The ESKA gloves will not harden or shrink after being exposed to water, direct flame or chemicals.
    Kevlar/Silver blend liner provides heat and cut protection and is also anti-odor, anti-fungal, anti-static and thrmo dynamic.
    CROSSTECH membrane blocks bloodborne pathogens, fluids, chemicals and water.
    3-dimentional glove pattern follows the natural curve of your hand to provide greather dexterity, fingertip tactility and overall comfort.
    I haven't really tried one, though. But it seems like a good product.
    The industry's most complete selection of Leather Work Gloves. We also make custom driving gloves and Personalized Leather Work Gloves.

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