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    Default Elevated Anchors

    I have recently heard a lot of debate over using a Ladder Truck as an elevated anchor point. I understand that with certain angles on your change of direction you will supersede your tip load. The reason this seems to be an issue is because most will say that we cannot not move the ladder with attendants and patients. I was curious if the OSHA standard prevents movement of the ladder with rescuer and attendant? I know they don't want you to use machinery such as winches but does this apply to Ladders?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Check out this thread, lots of information here http://www.firehouse.com/forums/show...t=ladder+crane (Aerial Ladder as High Directional or Crane)

    Are you talking about using an aerial for a high point for rope rescue, or are you talking about using it for a high point for some kind of auto x operation (wondering because you posted this in the auto x forum)?

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    Default Sorry!

    I did post it in the wrong section. I was referring to rope rescue! Thanks for the link...

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