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    Thumbs up Apps??

    So I know 95% of you have a Smart phone these days. Well for the ones on the Android Market, What are the best Apps you use and the most fun ones?

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    angry birds, fruit ninja, glow puzzle ninja rush and ninjump are afew games I play on a regular basis. I use Handcent for text messages and fire calculator, fire bot and FLCalc Cadpage for calls that come through my phone and cargo decoder are all good fire department based apps

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    I run TorWarn on my Droid. It is a Weather Alert app that runs in the background and only alerts me on weather alerts that I choose.

    Another thing I like about it is that it always checks your current location and then checks for weather alerts where you are.

    It prob saved my rear when I drove into a county that was under a Tornado Warning and I didn't know.
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