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Very very small town. The fire board is made up of his relatives and good ole boy friends. Fire board members are also the mayor, police chief and school super.
You're screwed. Plain and simple. The only question left is, are you going down alone, or are you going to take him with you?

If the former, I don't blame you - small town politics are irritating at best. If the latter - take out an article in the local paper detailing the facts as they stand. Contact the individuals he fired and see if they'll stand with you. At this point, no amount of appeals to his buddies will make a difference - you need public opinion, and pressure, on your side. Just be aware that mud is flung both ways - you may have facts on your side, but it doesn't appear he has scruples on his. I wish you the best of luck - it's a pretty sh*tty position to be in.