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    Default Traning Officer

    I was wondering how many departments have a dedicated training officer or somebody on shift or none at all. Please let me know if your department does not have a training officer how is training tracked.

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    Most large departments has a Training Division which handles most of the training. Also within these departments, are the company members, Officers or Firefighters that have Instructors certification which assits in company training.

    As part of Fire officer 1, who have to have Fire Instructor 1 course.
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    Default Training Officer

    My last Department had a whole Training Staff which included a Battilion Chief , Captain and a Secretary . The Department I work for now has a Captain dedicated to training but still works platoon schedule. He keeps track of all training and keeps the Fire Chief up on all needs of that aspect.
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    We had a training officer who delegated that actual instructional part to various captains with instructor 1 and other certifications. He was mostly in charge of determining what the topics were according to fire ground actions from previous calls and stayed in touch with inspections to determine needs in the future.

    Now that he's retired, the captains pretty much do the same thing as before but are not tied down to an itinerary.
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    We have a dedicated training officer, but he has a lot of other duties. He works out of our main office but also coordinates clothing and a lot of equipment purchases.
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    An interesting arrangement I saw recently was in a small, career fire department. They had a Captain per shift (A, B, and C) who was the designated Training/Safety Officer.

    He managed the training aspect of his shift but also doubled as the dedicated Safety Officer at incidents. Considering alot of training topics are created from "lessons learns" on fire or emergency scenes, the dual role seemes efficient and hopefully effective.

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