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    Default Searching for Old Apparatus

    Hello All...

    My volunteer dept. sold a 1978 Ford Louisville L-8000 Engine way back in 1989/90 and it was believed to have gone to a dept. in PA. The specs that I remember was it being a 1,000 GPM front mount pump, 1k tank, 534 gas engine and 5 spd split rear tran. This was Kent Island VFD Engine 16, all red with goldleaf and had two booster reels on top just behind cab, transverse compartment behind cab as well. Will try and post a picture upon finding one.

    Fond memories of riding tailboard by a lot of us old timers on this piece. Looking to know what happen to it and if still in service. Any leads are much appreciated. Would love to buy it to return it back "home".

    Thank you.
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    If you go to the website for the Cornfield 500, you will read in part about the Baker Hill Fire Truck. This is a 73 Louisville with 1000 gallon tank, dual booster reals, front mount pump, on board foam system, and 5 speed transmission. It was purchased from the Fluvanna Fire Department. It was being housed at the Chatauqua County Airport.

    This was our engine 4. It was partnered with a 78 Salsbury front mount 1000/1000 as our fire fleet for about 8 years. It was replaced by a 76 E-one with a C900 cabover.


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    Sounds like a classic. Man, do I love those old rigs, especially the Ford C-series.
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