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    Default 30 SCBA composite cylinder

    Anyone had any experience with the 30 year composite replacement cylinders from SCI ??

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    Well apparently they don't actually have DOT 30yr certification. Just ongoing inspection that might go up to 30years.

    And not NIOSH compliant with any flavor/brand of SCBA.

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    I do not see much need for them with the way SCBA technology is changing.

    The longest our department has gone without changing SCBA models was 9 years. And we are now on our second new model in 5 years. And each time we get new packs, the dealer is throwing in twice as many cylinders. Granted the cylinder design has not changed with the exception of the valve (which is upgradeable), but their is no shortage of cylinders.

    15 years is a LONG time. Most cylinders get pretty banged up in that amount of time. I cannot imagine what one would look like in 30 years. The idea of spending even more money on a cylinder that will last twice as long with the hope that the department will not change SCBA brands and that no new model of pack will come out that uses a different design cylinder seems like an awfully big risk. After all, they are already testing the FlatPack SCBA.

    If 15 year life cylinders are phased out for 30 year life cylinders as the norm, fine. But the idea of paying more for a cylinder that lasts longer to gamble that you will still be using that brand of air pack and that technology will not change in 30 years is too much for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neiowa View Post
    Well apparently they don't actually have DOT 30yr certification. Just ongoing inspection that might go up to 30years.

    And not NIOSH compliant with any flavor/brand of SCBA.

    Exactly. Voiding your NIOSH certification and probably your mfr's warranty isn't worth it. I don't know what company would hydrostat a carbon fiber bottle older than 15 years anyway.

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    Guys, I agree with not going to the 30 yr cylinder for several reasons.
    -lack of guarantee as it is a test in progress
    -increased weight
    As fo NIOSH compliance I could care less. I spent the last couple of hours researching NIOSH Part 84 that governs respiratory standards. The reason I did was to be more informed as I had heard in the past there was no provision for emergency systems built in the SCBA (buddy breather) in the standard. You know what, I cant find it. You know what I did find, NIOSH still classifies a "DEMAND" style SCBA in their standard. I thought we went away from those in the 1980's.

    From the NIOSH website:
    (2) Open-circuit apparatus. An apparatus of the following types from
    which exhalation is vented to the atmosphere and not rebreathed:
    (i) Demand-type apparatus. An apparatus in which the pressure inside
    the facepiece in relation to the immediate environment is positive
    during exhalation and negative during inhalation

    What I did see also were all the Fees assesed to get the certifications. I saw a spot where Interspiro received the first approvals in the 2002 revision and does anyone remember the issues in San Antonio? Do you think there might be an issue or two?
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