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    Default Octo VS Safe Second

    I was just curious what everybodys experiences are with the Safe Seconds (integrated in your BC Inflator). Can these be used in Rescue diving? Or is it best to use the regular octo 2nd stage. I have also heard people having a hard time in the rescue diver classes with the safe 2nd any truth to this?
    Any info would be great... Thanks

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    The proper protocol is redundant air supply which would be a pony bottle with a separate regulator. The problem with the Safe Second is that if you would need to share your regulator, it is extremely difficult to do easily with the BC hookup. If you can't do a pony set-up, stick with the Octo.

    In a perfect world, we would all be using AGA Full Face with Gas Switch Blocks. Unfortunately, most teams are volunteer and are either un-funded or under funded. So we have to make do.


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    We run an AGA with an octo. We also drill to use the octo ourselves should an issue arise with the AGA, i.e. dislodged. In addition we have a limited amount of pony bottles for when full redundancy is required.

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    A pony bottle is the appropriate back up air supply for public safety
    We opted for a 19cuft bottle with a separate 2nd stage. Just in case of a mask failure.

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