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    Default Organization & Transport of Confined Space Equip.

    Hoping to get some ideas on how you and your departments transport Confined Space equipment on a rescue truck. I'm particularly interested in air hose and tag line storage. Looked at individualizing entrant and attendant kits in Pelican cases. Also given the idea of putting these lines on reels, mounted to a set of hand trucks. I'd love to see how some of you transport this equipment, or hear some of your ideas. Thanks in advance.

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    we carry our 300' airlines in plastic bins coiled in opposed loops so they come out w/o any twists. the bins can be carried by a person easily. we use to use hand trucks with reels but with a recent change to scott saba and scbas our air reels were no longer ok to use since they would change the form and function of the entire system since they were not made by scott. the other downside is that lifting/hauling a hose reel/hand truck combo to the top of a tank/tower/etc can be prohibitively difficult. most of the teams around these parts use some sort of bag/case/bin to store the hoses in loops or figure 8's, some with an umbilical setup (airline/8mm tagline/comm line all in that plastic woven protector sheath).

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    We keep 100' with each SABA / Harness combo (they hang from the d ring in a tall compartment. When the harness / SABA goes on, the hose goes over the shoulder. Remainder of hose is on a reel in the rig in the rare event it would be needed.

    Retrieval lines are kept in primary and back up entrant bags. 2 75' lines in each

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