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    I've got a student with a reading disability and I've searched around with no avail for an audio version of any 1001 text. Essentials of FF or Fundamentals of FF or whatever.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Email IFSTA and see if they have an audiobook of Essentials? I just did a quick search and found nothing either. So that's all I got.

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    Jones and Bartlett offer some of their texts in ebook form. You'd need to check with CourseSmart, but these might be audio compatible formats.
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    Would the VangoNotes for Essentials of Firefighting help ? Available in the iTunes store. I'm using them as a supplement to the book and find it very useful might even replace the book ?

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    There are computer programs out there which will read texts out loud. I suggest looking into that. If you can find an electronic version of the essentials text, a program can read it.

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