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    Default National Testing Network..

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    Does it list departments that accept/ require thier testing????

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    Quote Originally Posted by FFMedicMiami View Post
    Departments are now asking potential FF's to sign up to these tests..
    $125 for the CPAT
    $40 for original dept test
    $7 for each additional department you want to apply for..
    This is the 3rd type of this test that ive found.. Why do i think its all a scam?
    No scam, its legit...Departments here in Arizona have been doing this for several years now. Its a simple solution for departments that do not have the money to spend on a recruitment/testing process. It pretty much allows them to jumpstart the process at the oral boards, which ends up saving them alot of time and money.

    The test is the FireTeam video based test and the CPAT is conducted indoors (nice when youre out here in AZ!). Here is how I look at the fees...

    CPAT $125- Its good for one year and can be sent to any department. Unless the department you are applying to is conducting their own PAT test, youre going to have to spend this money on the CPAT at some point anyway.

    Original test $40- Sucks to have to pay to take the test, but I guess your paying for the convenience of only having to take one test for multiple departments. Probably save that in gas money alone.

    Additional score transfers $7- More than worth not having to fill out a additional applicationss. If you figure the average application takes an hour to fill out, my time is definately worth more than $7 an hour.

    With the economy being the way it is and showing no signs of a speedy recovery, Id expect to see more departments resorting to this kind of testing process.

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    Tampa Fire, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County & I think Polk county depts will or already do require the FireTeam & CPAT in order to apply to their depts. It just free's up money they spent hosting their own PATs.

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