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    Default Firefighter exchange programs

    My name is Robin, and Im newly examinated firefighter in Sweden. I also working as a nurs at the ER in my town and done that in 3 years. Im dreaming working as a firefighter in US or UK, and Id heard about some exchange programs.
    Does someone knows about this programs, and maby have some more info?!
    Please contact me!


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    Default Firefighter Exchange

    Hi Robin,
    There are lots of firefighters that do these sorts of exchanges. Im not so sure about the US though.
    They are sometimes hard to organise and hard to find a suitable exchange partner. If you would like, I could send you some information regarding the type of exchange that our Service runs. Who knows, you may even want to come to Australia!
    Email me at a.emery@fire.tas.gov.au


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