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Thread: FP&S Sign grant

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    Gotcha - thank you .

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    Hey LV
    Could you be so kind to forard a copy to me also.
    I would be so grateful.



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    Quote Originally Posted by LVFD301 View Post
    I just wanted to share a success story.

    We recieved a FP&S grant for address signs. Instead of buying the blanks and die cut numbers, or the finished signs, we bought raw materials, (blanks, rolls of 3m reflective materials) and a computer and cutter.

    We were warned that it would be a lot of work, especially since we were making the signs instead of buying the pre made ones.

    Let me tell you - it was a lot of work. Mainly in contacting people, and putting the signs up. It required at least two trips to each address. Making the signs, on the blanks that were already reflectorized with the green backing was not that tough.


    We saw a number of benefits,

    1. Addresses. The obvious one. So much easier to find the address of a call now. You drive down our roads and it looks so cool, green sign after green sign.

    2. Equipment. That computer to run the plotter makes a dandy training computer, as well as day to day operations computer. The plotter/cutter also can be used for OTHER SIGNS!

    3. One of our upcoming projects is going to be to take larger sign blanks, and make a sign for each road that enters our coverage area. It will include a contact number. It does make a difference in donations. Why not? It only takes a few minutes to make the sign, and we have most of the materials and all of the equipment.

    4. Graphics on our trucks. Easy to do.

    5. Our mutual aid departments are looking at doing their own projects, using the cutter we have. (Paying for a new blade and their own materials)

    6. Our patrons love it.

    This project made a lot of sense - both for the money, and for the work.
    Mind sharing some info with me. Thanks.


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