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    Default Excursion Command Vehicle


    I have a 2003 Excursion for a command vehicle. Does anyone know of a company that makes a kit so that back side windows flip up? I am looking for ways to utilize the space or access my command box from the side.


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    Odyssey is the only one that I've seen that does a conversion like that, and it may have come out after the production halt of the Expeditions. Give them a call and see if they could do the conversion. They've done enough upfits on Expeditions through the years.

    You could also talk to a local body shop that you really trust, and show them what you want done. You would need a plate, frame on the rear, latch(s) and some kind of anchor point for the struts. I would think that a competent body show could do this, it would just be a matter of finding one that would be willing to take on the challenge.

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    Bethany Beach Fire Company in Bethany Beach, DE recently had a command truck built with the very feature you speak of. They are replacing an Excursion with a Suburban, but the retrofit should be relatively the same. You can contact them for information on their builder.

    Pictures of the vehicle -



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