NO it's not a spammer. I am a real person. just wanted to get the word out..I do a variety of things to support the fire service. I am asking anyone to consider donating any used or old turnout gear, coats, pants, boots or helmets. For years now I have nationally promoted my program and help assist many stations locate used serviceable gear, in exchange for there old unserviceable gear. With the serviceable gear, I exchange with struggling or needy stations. With unserviceable gear, such as worn out training gear, I make items for firefighter appreciation. Many stations contact me looking for helmet parts, boots, coats, pants, etc. Please consider donating any extra, or gear your station has replaced, or laying around or trash bound gear to our program REGARDLESS OF ITS CONDITION. there is a use for it. it will be in good hands. visit my site for more info..., or email me at thanks!! stay safe.
hope to hear from you.