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    Default Call Back on Vac/Holidays

    Anyone here have feedback in regards to responding to call backs on your scheduled vac or holidays? I need contract language as we are having an issue with this. Thanks in advance.

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    No need. We rarely have call backs, so to my knowledge it's not in the contract (arbitration award). As far as I know, they can call back as the administration sees fit. It used to be that we could handle a 12-alarmer or multiple, "smaller" extras; after several rounds of closings, brownouts, etc., it seems we call back on about a single 4- or 5-alarmer. Required minimum staffing and supposed worries about OT budget helps keep the admin from wanting the call backs it seems, so they don't just do it at the drop of a hat.

    There has been a lot of debate lately among the union members about whether to answer a call back. Is it helping the city (citizens) vs. helping the City (admin.), hurting ourselves (union position) vs. hurting ourselves (maybe that call back crew will be the RIT that saves someone), forgoing our duty vs. forgoing our Duty, etc.

    The union hasn't really come out with an official position, other than to say if called, we must respond - to not do so is a contract violation/dereliction of duty/etc... But they are very quick to point out that there is now Caller ID, and if you see the City calling you are not obligated to answer; perhaps the machine/voicemail might pick up, which you might not check for a few hours... They also point out that if called back, we must be "fit for duty". So if I'm on vacation or RDO or whatever off duty time*, and that call comes in, odds may be that I just happened to have an appropriate beverage... If sufficient people didn't answer their phones, they might send a BC around to knock on doors. Again, if you happen to answer with a particular beverage in hand, it has been suggested that you can't be called back...

    *-They also point out that there is language that basically says 8 hours prior to a shift, you must cease certain activities in order to be fit for that shift, so if you're coming up on a shift, some of these may not work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAFIREMEDIC21 View Post
    Anyone here have feedback in regards to responding to call backs on your scheduled vac or holidays? I need contract language as we are having an issue with this. Thanks in advance.
    In regards to pre-scheduled vacation days, our contract specifically states:

    -You could not be scheduled ahead of time for forced OT

    -You were not subject to recall (they could call you and ask you to come in, however you are not required)

    -If you are going off-shift and into a scheduled vacation period (as in you are IN the firehouse, getting ready to leave at 0800 and they need to force someone for OT due to low manning) they may not force you.

    All bets are off for non-scheduled (regular) days off. If you happen to be silly enough to answer the phone (who does NOT have call waiting these days) tell them that you just had a six-pack.
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