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    Cool anyone going to Harrisburg Pa. show this week?

    If so stop by my booth, Grantmasters #795 in the north building. It's always nice to be able to put a face to comments on the forums, and maybe a cocktail after 5.
    Calling Dr. Sly?

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    Doc will be out of town this weekend. Change of plans.

    There is a young lady who works for the Hooters in Bossier City, Louisiana who needs my assistance.

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    I will be getting to Harrisburg Friday but probably not in time for the show. I will be there Saturday and Sunday though. I will try to stop by. If you are out and about at the show, stop by the Summit apparatus booth and check out the tanker my department just purchased from them. It is a really nice rig. It was purchased as a result of the 2009 FEMA Grants.

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    I'll be out in eastern Colorado Mike. Have a great show though. Be sure to go downtown and have one for me at that place that reminds me of Coyote Ugly!
    Kurt Bradley
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    look out for bertha buttcrack , I think she has booth 549 in the cattle barn.
    She's the one in the size 4 spandex that really needed a size 38 and has all the pagers & radios on her waste mounted belt. :-[

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    I'll be there all day Friday...
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