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    Default Some News For You

    I don't know how many of you have seen this. Check out the link below


    I think this is related to the 9/11 tragedy, but if you think I have misposted this I appologise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexianna View Post
    I don't know how many of you have seen this. Check out the link below


    I think this is related to the 9/11 tragedy, but if you think I have misposted this I appologise.
    Dear 9/11 Families and Friends:

    We are contacting you with a dire message. Key provisions of the Patriot Reauthorization Act set to expire may fail to pass in a reauthorization bill next week. This is a catastrophe.

    On Tuesday, the House of Representatives will be voting on a bill which proposes the extension of three vital provisions--the "lone wolf" provision, roving wiretaps authority and access to business records under FISA. All three of these tools are vital to our ability to uncover and stop domestic terrorist attacks. Their necessity are underscored by the fact that Al Qaeda and its affiliates remain committed to killing Americans and are constantly evolving, developing new tactics and techniques aimed at thwarting security measures. Both FBI Director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Eric Holder have stated again and again that the threat of home-grown terrorist attacks have never been greater. Just last week, an NYPD sting stopped two men who are accused of planning an attack on a NYC synagogue and bombing the Empire State Building. Mueller and Holder both recently testified before Congress that passing these provisions are critical to keeping America safe.

    Nevertheless, it is business as usual in Washington, D.C. The House Democrats are voting against the reauthorization of these measures in a partisan block vote to embarrass the Republican majority. 25 Republicans are voting against the measure because of pressure from libertarians in their districts who have sided with the ACLU, maintaining that the Patriot Act is an infringement of civil liberties. These allegations have been proven wrong time and again by six DOJ Inspector General/GAO reports and, in the last year, no less than 20 internal reviews inside the DOJ.

    We are asking you to call or fax your representative in the House of Representatives and let him or her know that you expect them to vote in favor of reauthorizing the Patriot Act, including these important provision. Tell them that there is nothing more important than protecting the safety and security of American citizens. Tell them that, as 9/11 family members, first responders and members of the 9/11 community, we know all too well what the consequences are when the government fails to do the right thing. Tell them we will be monitoring this vote, that we will make sure their constituents know which way they voted.

    Below is a list of those who have voted "no" in committee. Please take five minutes contact them, and contact your own member of Congress whose name is not here to confirm that he or she is supporting the Patriot Act Reauthorization Act.

    We know Congress responds to this kind of outreach. We have to make our voices heard above the ACLU, which wants to deprive the citizens of the protection of reasonable, rational security measures.

    Thank you, and please pass this message to family, friends and co-workers.


    Debra Burlingame

    Tim Sumner

    Co-founders, 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America


    Tim Brown,

    Founder, www.theBravest.com


    Recent attempted attacks:

    Christmas Day airliner bombing, 2009

    Times Square bombing, May 2009

    FBI sting, military recruiting center bombing, Catonsville, MD, Dec. 2010

    FBI sting, Christmas tree-lighting ceremony car bomb, Portland, OR Nov. 2010

    Metro subway station bomb plot, Washington, DC, Oct. 2010

    "DC Five," who pled guilty after going to Pakistan for terrorist training in 2009

    Pipe bomb discovered at MLK Day parade, Spokane, WA. Jan. 2011

    Michigan-based Hutaree Militia, nine members arrested, Mar. 2011

    NYPD sting, two immigrants (Algeria, Morocco) who planned to attack NYC synagogue and bomb the Empire State building, May 2011

    Republicans who are voting "no" against Patriot Act key provisions renewal:

    Rep. Sandy Adams (FL) - 202-225-2706
    Rep. Justin Amash (MI) - 202-225-3831
    Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (MD) - 202-225-2721
    Rep. Rob Bishop (UT) - 202-225-0453
    Rep. Paul Broun (GA) - 202-225-4101
    Rep. John Campbell (CA) - 202-225-5611
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT) - 202-225-7751
    Rep. John Duncan (TN) - 202-225-5435
    Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick (PA) - 202-225-4276
    Rep. Chris Gibson (NY) - 202-225-5614
    Rep. Tom Graves (GA) - 202-225-5211
    Rep. Richard Hanna (NY) - 202-225-3665
    Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL) - 202-225-2976
    Rep. Tim Johnson (IL) - 202-225-2371
    Rep. Walter Jones (NC) - 202-225-3415
    Rep. Jack Kingston (GA) - 202-225-5831
    Rep. Raul Labrador (ID) - 202-225-6611
    Rep. Connie Mack (FL) - 202-225-2536
    Rep. Kenny Marchant (TX) - 202-225-6605
    Rep. Tom McClintock (CA) - 202-225-2511
    Rep. Mick Mulvany (SC) - 202-225-5501
    Rep. Ron Paul (TX) - 202-225-2831
    Rep. Dennis Rehberg (MT) - 202-225-3211
    Rep. Phil Roe (TN) - 202-225-6356
    Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA) - 202-225-2415
    Rep. Bobby Schilling (IL) - 202-225-5905
    Rep. David Schweikert (AZ) - 202-225-2190
    Rep. Allen West (FL) - 202-225-3026
    Rep. Robert Wooddall (GA) - 202-225-4272
    Rep. Don Young (AK) - 202-225-5765
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