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    Kinda new to diving looking at wetsuits kinda like this one seems to me its more geared to swiftwater than diving. My question is there that much of a difference between wetsuits for diving and swiftwater?

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    Main difference is I'd rather be in a dry suit for any swiftwater/surface water rescue regardless of the temp of the water.

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    For public safety work I would avoid a wetsuit. First for diving, if you are going after a person, evidence or some other recovery, the water you are in is contaminated. From the body, from the submerged vehicle, or the environment itself, etc. So a drysuit is almost mandatory.
    If it is flood / swiftwater work you are doing then the water is also contaminated unless you are in a mountain stream with no possibility of contaminants upstream. So again the drysuit is the more appropriate tool.

    We don't pick the water we work in so the higher form of protection is needed.

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