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    Default Quality gear brands

    Hello all,

    Im getting ready to go through a private fire fighter 1 academy through my local college. I have a coat, pants, and boots that were hand me downs but i need to buy the rest. I need a helmet, gloves, suspenders, and hood. What are some good quality brands for these items. I'm in LA County so something along their gear lines are preferred, but any will do.

    Respectively submitted,

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    This is like asking Ford or Chevy. I like Morning Pride.
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    Just as GTRider245 said, its like asking what car to buy. Check out www.thefirestore.com for decent prices on gear such as gloves, hoods, etc. Now, Here is what I currently have and love.

    Helmet: Crains N5A New Yorker (Some company's do not allow these)
    Gloves: SuperGloves
    Hoods: PGI Carbon Hoods
    Suspenders: EZH Quick Adjuster's

    Now mind you, This is what I personally use on my gear at the Firehouse, Your academy may require certain NFPA compliences, etc. So do some more research before you go spending crazy amounts of money.

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    Thanks for the input guys, I know its a very broad generic question. As long as its NFPA complient they have no trouble at all. I was looking at phenix industries what are some of your thoughts on them? I realize im asking for opinions but there is no helping that.


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