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    For the first initial oral board how much info (I know more is better) should I know about the actual department and the city? Mayor, schools, neighborhoods, etc...?

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    As much as possible

    Your first may be your last

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    The City that you are testing for will ask those types of questions but most will ask situational questions. I know that there are those who do ask questions about their City or Fire District but most do that during the Chief's interview. There you will be asked questions about you personally and what you know about the city. It never hurts to be over saturated with facts but be careful...too much and you'll suffer from vapor lock and nobody wants to be in that position. Good Luck and let us know what and how you did.
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    You want to make this place your employer for the next 30 years. You need to prepare for the interview. Read the City Council minutes and visit the chamber of commerce. Read the local newspaper and get a feel for what is going on in the city. Look up the City's master plan and find out what the plans are for the future growth.
    Paul Lepore
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