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    Default Never impressed with an Infommercial but .....

    I am never impressed by infommercials, but today a product did get my attention.

    It was called the Dualsaw, and seemed pretty handy for very basic vehicle extrication which my VFD is looking to get into, while still using a neighboring department with hydraulic tools for the heavy-duty jobs.

    The plan is to purchase a combi-tool within 2-3 years and still use the neighboring combo department for truck extrication and the like beyond that point.

    This saw seemed like a pretty handy tool until we get to the point of purchasing a combi-tool. It looked like it could do everything a recip saw could do an a little more. The product was shown cutting posts and medium gauge metals on vehicles including a torsion bar. It also looked like quite handy for light duty collapse operations as it cut through rebar and tin pretty easily.

    The one thing it didn't show was laminated glass.

    Again though, it was an infommercial.

    I was wondering if anyone out there had any real world experience with it.
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    I haven't, and I would be cautious about anything in an infomercial. Maybe it's worthwhile, I don't know. Find a reputable dealer who will let you see, and use, a demo unit.
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    They aren't a bad tool. If I were to have only ONE "inexpensive" tool I would get a QUALITY 13+ amp CORDED Recip saw and some GOOD blades,I believe they are more versatile. T.C.

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    I too am always hesitant to believe anything I see in an Infomercial. I did some follow-up investigating when I first saw the Omni DualSaw tool advertised.

    As of recent, there are not many good reviews about it. Comments from citizen do-it-yourself people who have purchased the $350 saw have not been positive.

    Consistently I find reviews about the tool being under-powered. "Stalls a lot, stops working, jams" are common statements from owners.

    The other interesting line of comments refers to the saw burning up literally. Many comments speak of the saw actually catching on fire as it was being used. "Flames & smoke" are some of the experiences owners have had.

    The original concept was developed by a firefighter from Europe but maybe there is something just not quite right with the product at this time.

    For $350, I'd but a corded 11 or 14-amp Hilti recip saw and cut everything that the Omni DualSaw can do and much, much more.
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    During a state fire show a few years ago, one of the makers of recip saws had a demo set up using their line of battery powered tools.

    I'd easily bet on a recip saw with a competent operator over a hydraulic tool any day for taking the roof off. The completent operator part came through loud and clear as two FF's attacked the same car, one on each side, with fully charged saws equipped with fresh blades. One was on his way through the C post before the other got through the A post.

    We have one of their saws, as well as the AC adapter for it. We can start work with the batteries while the genset is being fired up and power cables are being run.

    I have no experience with the saw LA mentions, but I've seen bits of the infomercial. Perhaps it's an idea who's time will come, when they get it up to speed for the tasks we would ask of it.

    BTW - I've used a recip to cut windshields. The MFR doing the demos at the fire show recommended their small circular saw for the job. Aside from a plethora of glass dust and chips (take a deep breath first, and cover your patients), it worked well - particularly because you can do a plunge cut with it instead of having to hole the windshield with a Halligan, etc.
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    I've seen the promos, never seen the tool in person.

    My first thought was that with such small rotary blades, the depth of cut would be very shallow.
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    I have seen/used the saw mentioned in the infomercial. It was brought to a vehicle rescue class I taught by a fire chief that had bought one to see how it would work. None of us were impressed. It has very small diameter blades which made it basically useless on vehicles. And you could tell the motor was struggling to develop enough power to cut anything more than a layer or two of tissue paper. Save your money as this particular saw is NOT for the rescue world.

    I also had the opportunity to work with the Weber Hydraulik "Twin Saw", which is the same concept, but built larger and more powerful. This saw was able to cut pretty well. Like any tool it has its pros and cons. There are some tricks you learn when using it, but it could do the job. Biggest downside I saw with this one was noise. It is loud as heck! I do not believe that these saws are available in North America as of yet.
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    I have seen these tools before but have not had an opportunity to actually use them in training so I guess I can't form an opinion on them.

    One time though, during an extrication competition sponsered by a MAJOR power tool manufacturer the vendor brought out two new recip saws for the teams to use.... surprisingly, neither saw lasted very long. We own two of this companies saws and have never had problems but were taken aback at the fact that the guy took them out of their packaging right in front of us and we couldn't even complete one C-pillar cut with the thing.
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