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    Default Drop Tank./ Fol-da-Tank Material

    Anyone know the advantages of hyplon/ high performance rubber vs vinyl vs urethane and their different weight ratings (ie 17 oz vs 22 oz)?
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    We have a Hypalon foldatank and it has served us well for 19 years so far.

    The weight is generally per yard of material used. So a yard of material rated at 17 ounces weighs 17 ounces and a yard of mateial rated at 22 ounces weighs 22 ounces. So the same sized foldatank made with 22 ounce mateial will weigh more simply because of the wieght of the material used in its construction.
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    Call Foldatank. They will be happy to talk to you.

    Major sell point of Hypalon is that remains more flexible at lower temp. That's what Foldatank uses on the tanks they make for the military. And way more expensive. Like 50% more for 30Oz Hypalon compared to 30Oz Vinyl.

    As I recall they recently announced a new higher performance material

    We use vinyl and have no problems with it in any below zero temps.

    If you request Foldatank will upgrade the bottom of a vinyl tank to Black 30oz at no additional charge from 22oz.

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