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    Default Uniformed firefighter/dispatcher

    I have been given the task of compiling a list of ALL fire departments that use uniformed firefighters as dispatchers. Does anyone have any ideas as to what site would have this information? I have googled it numerous ways, and am coming up empty. Any help would be appreciative .

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    Umm, basically, call every department in the US....that's about the only way I could think of to find EVERY one.

    On a side note...WHO in your command staff wants to know EVERY department?!

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    I know that Montgomery County, MD uses firefighters as dispatchers.

    At one time the City of Charlottesville, VA did as well, but I believe that this isn't the case anymore since the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County combined their dispatch centers.

    Perhaps APCO might be a resource for you?
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    You have been given an unreasonable and impossible task. What is the point of this?
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    he's probably an explorer who got in trouble.
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    Mission Impossible on a national basis.

    APCO is a start, though.

    I'd opine that you might have a certain amount of luck at the state level, especially if there is a state organization that deals with dispatch (I believe NYS has a "9-1-1 Coordinators Conference," or something to that effect).

    You might also check with the state fire folks, who may have anecdotal knowledge, or the state emergency management office (which might be the same place).

    One problem you'll encounter in your data gathering is that while there has been a trend toward 9-1-1 center consolidation on a county/regional basis, you will still find many pockets where calls are routed to a local (small city or village) PSAP instead. Rooting them out will be a challenge.

    Another challenge will be actually getting the information. You may be faced with the need to use an "official" e-mail address (ie, fredc@co.mycounty.tx.us) instead of your handy-dandy personal commercial address (Yahoo, Gmail, etc), or even writing hard-copy letters on department letterhead in order to be treated as a trustworthy request for information.

    Good luck with your project. Methinks you'll need it.
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    At work, some but not all of our dispatchers are also firefighters.

    Its funny but somehow the dispatchers who are firefighters are 100 times better than the ones with no experience on the street.
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    Any department in Hamilton County, Ohio - No.

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