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    i was looking around a little museum that our headquarters has and I saw a very old version of breathing protection. It looked like some type of air filtration system that is in a can that conects to a facemask. (no compressed air) its just a large filtering system. Anyways it got me wondering why we don't have something similar to this made with modern technology too use as a backup to our SCBA? might buy you some crucial time in the event your in a smoke filled enviroment and you run out of air or have an equipment failure. SCUBA Divers have little Pony bottles for emergencies. why don't we have an equivalent?

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    They have that new contraption. It provides up to 30 minutes of filtered air just in case you get into a tight spot.
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    There have been stuff out for years like that. Problem is either the price or the shelf life. I was a big fan of the old elephant hose MSAs. If you ran out of air you just put the hose inside your coat and got out.
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    We have been looking into the emergency exit filters. Hoping to have a few in the next month to investigate and see if they will suit our department.
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