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    Default Buy radios and pagers through GSA contract?

    Do you ever buy your equipment through the GSA (http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/105343) or do you just publish bids? From what I understand vendors have to give the GSA the lowest possible pricing...at least in theory. So buying it in any different way should be actually more expensive. Do you guys have any experience with GSA?

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    Often GSA pricing is more expensive than what can be obtained through a local vendor, and local service should be worth something to you.

    I have seen GSA pricing to be better than a dealer can get, but under a different model number the pricing is list price.

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    If there's an advantage to such government bid programs, it's that if you want something specific and they offer it at a reasonable price, you can just buy it without having to go through the bidding process yourself. The theory is that it's already been bid. This can save you being forced to buy something you really don't want because it's the cheaper option (ie, being stuck with something that meets the specs but isn't the brand you prefer.

    On the other hand, if a local vendor wants your business, they'll beat the government bid price.

    As LV points out, service is a consideration. Here in NY, it's common to just go with the "state bid" for such things as pickups and sedans since they can be serviced pretty much anywhere and the dealers/mechanics are usually glad to have the business.

    Less so for such tech items as pagers and radios.
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    The majority of the time you can do better than GSA or state bid pricing by going out to bid.

    As Tree stated: the GSA is a way to avoid going out to bid and not getting what you want from the lowest bidder.
    We write all our RFP's with the clause that we are not required to go with the lowest bid , but the bid that is most responsive to our needs & requirements. We also retain the right to reject any and all bids at our discretion.

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