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    Cool Designing a workout plan...

    Hey all,
    Im trying to get in good shape so I can be a firefighter when im older. I have one more year before I can be a cadet firefighter and Im wondering if that requires you to be in shape at all. If not, when should i start working out for this job? I want to work at the highest department I can so im wondering what I should to get in shape now or when im older. And does being a cadet firefighter help me prepare for the REAL job?
    I have dumbells and a Parabody 500, but if I cant use that i might get a gym membership. I can also walk to a track a block away.
    Thanks Chilaha

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    If you are under 16 I dont recomend weight training. However it would be foolish not to start working out now. If I were you I would do a lot of cardio. For example running/biking/swimming. Also look into body weight workouts like sit ups push ups and pull ups. After you are 16 you can look into a weight lifting regimen.

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    16 is completely suitable for weightlifting. There are 16 year old divisions in national power/weightlifting.
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