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    Question RDC by Oceanid

    Anyone have experience with this equipment ? pro's/con's...thanks.

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    Have used one for Ice Rescue as well as some water rescue and very happy with how it has performed. Deploys very quickly and easy to learn on. We did put the carpet kit in for traction. We have also towed behind a snowmobile, once you get going moved along wonderfuly. If you are near water and in cold climate with ice and snow you should really look into it.

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    Have used on in swiftwater training at TCC in Fort Worth. Liked it a lot, if you know what you are doing.

    Using tag lines you can manuver this craft where you need to go, from the downstream side. Patient is easily able to be scooped into the open area and pulled on board. From upstream side you can paddle it easy enough downstream, but using tag lines from both sides was better, more controlled and easy to pick off your patient.

    We put the RDC, we called it the banana boat for obvious reasons, up into the waterfall of a low head dam, tried to flip it, couldn't. Solid boat.

    Deployment is easy, using one 1-hour bottle to fill the compartments. Light enough to carry with one or two people. Will warn you that the motor mount is avalible, but only holds a 20-hp motor, not enough to go upstream in much of a current.
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