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    Default College Credit for Fire Certs in NJ

    Hey everybody. Has anyone in NJ received and college credit for their fire certs? I have FF 1, FF2, Hazmat opps and awareness, I200 and I was hoping to get some credit form Thomas Edison State college toward their bachelors in fire protection science, but they seem to have no idea about the NJ certs, what they are worth, or anything. They pretty much told me to find out if anyone has evaluated them for credit, and to get back to the with the answer. This kind of disapointed me. Anyone have anyluck in NJ with this?

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    Can't speak for NJ, but here in CO I was able to have my EMT class transfer to a 4 year institution as an elective. They wouldn't take anything else like FF1/hazmat/etc. Good luck.
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    Mainly seen ff training accepted at Jr college level, unless it is a NFA course which alot of them do count toward upper division college hours

    Have you looked at distance learning;;; if you have not enrolled already, most classes are online



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    The fire tech. classes I took at community college were able to be transferred as elective credits when I transferred to a University.
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    Camden County College will give credit to EMT, FF-1/II and Fire Officer I/II

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