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    Default Can someone pass these to Engine 6?



    I've had these for awhile, not sureof they ever made it to ENgine 6. I am a retired AC-130 Spectre Gunship Sensor Operator. A SSgt Jodie asked if we would take a hat from her brothers department on a sortie with us along with flags. The picture is a 105mm Howitzer round that was used to dispatch enemy combatants in Afghanistan by our crew, and the spent brass was given to her. I just wasn't sure if the pictures made it back to anyone. If anyone would like hi res version you can pm me.
    Thanks and God Bless You all,

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    Default Fantastic Howitzer Round!


    My wife found your post/pics today.
    Thanks to you and the crew for the special delivery. What a great idea...! I'm going to replace the wall paper on my computer. It WAS the headline "Osama Bin Laden Dead..." It IS now that of the Howitzer round. (Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.)

    I rode Engine 6 on the day of 9-11. I appreciate you making the pics available to us and for offering the high res. copy. I would like to take you up on that offer when you have a chance...

    With gratitude,
    Fireman Emans, Ret.

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