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    Hello my name is eduardo sandoval and am currently in the navy and recently came back from an afghan deployment with a marine unit. My goal is to become a paramedic fire fighter when I get out next year and move back to chicago. I am currently stationed in camp lejeune north carolina. As soon as I came back I started my emtb course two days later. Ill have my emt b cert by the end of sept. I am also volunteering at a local EMS dept. When I get back I am trying to go to school full time for a paramedic. I wanted to know if IL accepted the national cert, how is the employment for a paramedic, should I get my fire science as well or go to a fire academy, how is the emplyment, and how should I look for employment or should I just go for my rn? Your help is greatly appreciated. Sorry one more question I was previousily attached to a ship which sent me to two additional fire fighting schools. Do civilian jobs recognize the navy schools? Thanks again

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    Thanks for your service and good luck in your path of becoming a paramedic and maybe a firefighter.

    See these links.


    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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    In regards to firefighting training, here is the direct quote from OSFM's FAQ page:

    Question: How do I transfer my certification from other states to Illinois?
    Answer: The State of Illinois does not grant automatic certificate reciprocity. All courses must be reviewed to establish if the course(s) satisfy a minimum of 80% of the required Illinois objectives for a level of certification once an individual is employed by an Illinois fire department. The review is based on submission of the course documentation, i.e. course syllabi, training documentation, proof of course completion and a completed equivalency checklist with a money order or certified check for $100.00. The Authority having Jurisdiction is allowed to review and accept legal responsibility for the training for Firefighter II and III, but all other courses must be reviewed by Office staff. If a course is granted equivalency, the individual is allowed one attempt of the State Written and Practical examinations. If passed, certification will be awarded. If unsuccessful, the individual must pass an approved Illinois course prior to re-testing.
    I believe we have several members on our department who are National Guard / Army / Marines who have transferred their DoD certifications to OSFM.

    As for your EMT, check out the following link for information on IDPH and their transfer requirements:


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    welcome home! as far as IL accepting the national certification, I'm pretty sure you won't have a problem. Most departments will have you test into thier system anyways. So I doubt you will have any problems there.

    As for the employment outlook in IL, that a tough one to answer. I can tell you right now most if not every department is feeling the crunch financially due to the down economy. Not many departments are hiring, and some are even laying off. The good news however, is that most departments havn't hired many new guys the past two years or so. That means they have to have some positions waiting to be filled as soon as they get the funding to do so. When that will be, no one knows. Hopefully sooner than later.

    Your military experience gives you a huge advantage over non-military applicants. The fire service is a para-military organization and many of the guys on departments with input on who gets hired are former military themselves. You will receive bonus points for your military service as well. Which trust me, you will need to use.

    The most important thing you can do to land a job though is to get your paramedic license. Sending someone to medic school costs a ton of money, and most departments are requiring you to have your medic to even test nowadays. Plus it cuts down on the competition your going up against.

    Good luck to you man, and test as often as you can. It sucks wasting a saturday to go test but it will pay off if you stick with it.

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