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I understand your position, chief. I don't make these kinds of decisions, but I have been at these type of events. I guesss maybe because I'm not sitting in a buggy, or an office some where I get to see first hand the benefit of positive interaction between the public and the fire service. Especially with inner city kids. (not the case here)

As for risk; it's pretty much inherit in everything. What is needed is an honest assessment of risk. I haven't heard of too many catastrophic slip-n-slide accidents. Bumps and bruises, knees skinned on the grass, yes.

But it's all just a matter of opinions, which is why I stated mine.
I'd say that hill looks big enough for someone to break their neck. They have two big rocks at the top holding the plastic down. Not a real professional set up if you ask me, which leads me to think it wasn't well thought out either. I'd say deck gun+people=no go. Maybe with a little better planning and set up, and a hand line it might not be so bad.