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    Quote Originally Posted by voyager9 View Post
    I can picture that, but doesn't the roof deform before the pillar?
    It has been a while since I have done it but I dont remember it happening. If I remember correctly the rocker panels are not constructed to resist twisting once the top of the b-pillar is cut. If you cut a small section out of the b-pillar and place the tips of your spreader to spread outward you have more mass within the roof than in the rocker panel. Once you get to a certain point you may have the access you need to make some relief cuts to ease your lay down.
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    That's a good thought. The problem I see with that is that you're spreading between the top of the pillar and the roof. The roof is definitely the weaker of the two. Unless it's a ride-under scenario I'd be worried this would displace the roof rather than the pillar.
    In that situation you wouldn't always have to spread between the door and the pillar. You could make a relief cut with your shears or pinch with your spreaders and pivot the sidewall down.

    I am not a big proponent of leaving giant parts of the vehicle around to get in the way. If I'm taking the side and flipping it down, once I get it to a point where I can cut the whole thing off and move it out of the way, I will. Same thing with a normally resting vehicle or a side resting vehicle, if I'm going to take the roof, I might as well TAKE the roof (as in take it away from the vehicle) Its too easy to get caught up on or impede the rest of the pt. extrication.

    For the sake of discussion, lets say that there are two cars side by side. One car is between a jersey wall and the other car. The driver is a trauma and needs to get out now. Obviously, we cannot access either side of the vehicle to extricate the patient.... so lets take the roof and take the fella out vertically.
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    depending on the cutter blade size and shape, you can open the blades wide,center at the bottom of b post, press the tool against the doors and close blades. usualy it will bite into the door skins and continue to cut into the b post.
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