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Thread: Sliding Poles

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    Default Sliding Poles

    Is there a minimum clearence that must be maintained around sliding poles in fire stations? Any NFPA requirements?

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    Cannot help you with minimum clearences, but i know they frown against putting a cactus at the bottom of one. Huh, go figure.

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    Seriously though, this might be of some help:


    It's OSHA, not NFPA, but it mentioned specifics for the opening as far as protection.

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    Most are installed where there is ample room at the floor to land and step off of the mat and onto the apparatus.

    This being said, in one of old fire houses built in 1912, the newer apparatus is of course wider and longer than what was being used years back.

    Be sure that no compartment door(s), hinged swing type is left opened near the pole area.

    One of our members slid the pole for an alarm of fire and the left rear compartment door was open, he caught it with his thigh and ripped his leg open. Needless to say, the company didn't turn out for the fire call, but the members worked on him and he was soon transported to the hospital to get sewn back. He was out about 6 to 9 months and a lot of therapy.

    Just be careful.
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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    Default ouch

    Ouch! Thats why I never wore my wedding ring to work. Saw a guy rip the skin off his finger when sliding the pole. I can remember one of our lod firehouses use to have a 360 degree balcony on the second floor. To slide the pole you would have to lean over the balcony and grab the pole, no hole to slide through. Needless to say they closed it all up. It was terrible, exhaust fumes would come right up into the sleeping quarters.

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    our station utilizes 2 fire poles, both encased in about a 5'x5' concrete chute, and the first apparatus near them is about 10 feet away..with a concrete wall in btwn each pole, so ours is relatively safe..also was just built last year but i'm not sure if any NFPA requirements took effect or not
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