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    Default We LOVE ladders

    I think enough ladders went up on this one! Sometimes it's easy to get that itch to go inside without throwing ladders. That ladder may be what we need if it's time to bail out. Anyway enjoy the picture!!
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    The angles suck......useless throws IMO.
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    Default Thank you

    Thank you for the comment, yes the angle could be better on a couple. I didn't throw them so I won't attempt to come up with an excuse. From a guy on the engine, I'm glad they were there regardless.

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    I can't figure out why the truck is there in the first place. Was there another side of the building that could be accessed? I've never seen an aerial put up while on grass before. Also, it looks like the ground was soft just because it looks like ruts in the grass behind the truck. I'd think it'd be better to access the roof from a different location with the aerial then throw the ladders up with the correct angles. Just my take on it...

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    Climbing Angle -
    I will refrain from judging the angles because camera position & "camera angle" can make a big difference on how we perceive the ladder placement (i.e. optical illusion).

    Truck Placement -
    No idea why they chose to set up where & how they did & with only 3 limited shots of one side of the operation I'll just assume (yea I know) they had a good reason for what they did & leave it at that.

    Now - what I DO see -
    3 means of access / egress to the roof on 3 different sides
    2 to the top (4th) floor
    2 to the 3 rd floor
    and at least 1 to the 2nd floor

    What that says to me is that this (these) department(s) care enough about themselves to establish alternate access/escape routes in the event of an emergency - hopefully this was done prior to or in conjunction with committing staff to fight fire.

    The county I work/volunteer in only has 2 aerial apparatus to begin with and I'd fall over dead away if we ever had them both on one scene OR if we ever threw that many ground ladders - not to mention doing both. So I say hats off to these guys (and gals to be P.C.) for taking the initiative & making the extra effort.

    No offense meant to the previous posters, but the comments thus far are exemplary of our overall general negative attitude in emergency services today. Too many people willing (and waiting) to give someone a kick in the butt and not enough willing to give a pat on the back.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Default Finally, Thank you!!!!!

    I thought it was just me, puzzled by the negative comments. Our county borders DC so it's a pretty good size department. On a box we get 4 engines 2 ladders, squad, ems unit, and a few chiefs.

    This was a rear position at a multi-alarm fire, not your every day odor of smoke response. These guys worked hard getting into position and hats off to their effort. Took down a tree and lamp post to gain access to position the aerial for work. Our thought process is a tow truck is a very small price to pay for saving a life. Driving a ladder requires an open mind for good positioning. If your boundary is the hard road surface when positioning the aerial your missing out on 50%. That's why they give us jack plates and cribbing too distribute the weight. That's why we have all these fancy safety devices that stop the aerial when stability is lost to just one jack.

    Thank you for all your comments, I really don't mind someone picking things apart. Lets just be constructive in the process!!!

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