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    Default My apologies to VinnieB

    My apologies Vinnie, with all seriosness. I am on medication for hypothyroidism, mine's pretty much dead. If I don't take my medication my whole body goes to hell, including my attitude. I have been on leave in Georgia and have not had my medication to take.

    THis happens periodically and I have to make ammends, as I've had to do on here before, to people I've shot off at. Except for firehousechick, I really just hate her.

    THis is one reason I'm getting out of the Marine Corps, not because I hate the Marine Corps.

    Anyway, take this as you will Vinnie. I've already asked that my account be deleted on here as it is proving to be too much of an embarrassment when I go on one of my rants.

    Again, my apologies Vinnie, especially for calling you a motard, I hate being called that crap as well whenever I show any pride of my service.

    Good luck to you all, have fun. And please, don't remember me as a jerk, *******, or a piece of crap. My friends that I have made can tell you otherwise about me. Like I said, I have these moments ever since my thyroid crapped out on me, especially if I don't take my meds like I'm supposed to.

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    Accepted, btw, register with the VA, you can get your meds, which they send to your house within 2 days for 8 dollars each. Since you are an OIF vet you have 5 year of free medical from the date you register. I get both zoloft and ambein sent to my house every month and attend my group meetings an monthly visits with the wizard. The VA is better now then it was years ago. Get involved with them ASAP.
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    Well that was one hell of a handshake...

    One of the best bloodless hatchet burials I have ever seen...
    HAVE PLAN.............WILL TRAVEL

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    good luck irish....stay healthy

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