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    What are the odds of an amendment being approved for AFG grant? We had a couple thousdand left over after completing scope of work and requested an amendment for prevention and training. Are there any signs to look for during the process which may mean being approved?


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    You should get an email back saying it was, and there's a status link on the amendment page but usually doesn't hold any information in it other than submitted, in progress, approved/denied.

    As long as it's in the proper format for a fire prevention amendment they can't refuse it. Doesn't mean that they'll move quickly on it, but at least they can't turn it down. 4000 character mini-FP narrative is basically what they need, and most times if there's something missing they'll call and tell you what it needs to look like so they can approve it. They're pretty good about that, they don't want the money back when you could use it for FP so they help make sure you can spend it all within the guidelines.

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