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    Default Some assistance please..

    Hello Brothers,

    I'm trying to find some kind of standard in place for the requirement of exhaust removal systems in the workplace.

    I've tried searching the forums and I've tried various searches using Google without much success.

    I'm looking for information that pertains to Canada specifically.

    Thank you for your assisance.

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    I'm sure the Canadian version of OSHA has some sort of standards, at least for acceptable levels of exhaust within a building.
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    You may also check with a building department

    Some garages are required ventilation and exhaust venting per building and mechanical code

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    Ever try or heard of these?


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    At work we have Plymovent and while I have no problem with them as they do their job, I prefer the No Smoke filters that we have mounted on our apparatus at the vollie house. They automatically kick in whenever the vehicle is placed in reverse. ( I also think they activate for 60-90 seconds after the vehicle is started, but I could be wrong) Maybe I'm lazy but they work great.

    Also, when we built our new station they installed an automatic exhaust system for the entire engine bay. Whenever a door opens and a vehicle passes through the laser detector it kicks on as a backup. Our bays are enormous and the thing does a pretty good job.

    The no smoke is also nice if by some mistake the apparatus driver parks in a less than ideal spot where you will be working near the exhaust. You can just kick it into manual mode. We also have quite a few large factories and warehouses in our first due where we can literally drive the medic units right into the building, the no smoke is nice to have for these instances as well.

    They are relatively maintenance free and I believe we have only changed on in the past few years. Surprisingly it was on our brush truck which does not get run very often. (Apparently there was some sort of problem with the engine causing the filter to gunk up... Since I'm no mechanic thats all I can tell ya!)

    But we have multiple pieces of apparatus that are going on 1800+ calls a year and we havent changed those filters in at least the past 3 years. When we do have to change them though, the rig gets taken to the shop and thrown up on the lift. You undo a few screws/bolts, slide the canister off, swap filters, and tighten everything back down. You are back in service within about 10-15 minutes tops.
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