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    Default Spartan Gladiator and Q2B siren issues....

    I've been getting quite a few issues with the Q sirens mounted on the Spartan Gladiator front bumpers. This week alone, I've gotten 6 call outs for rigs OOS for no siren. Most of the time, it works when I get there. The other complaint, is it worked on 2 runs, didn't on one run, did this last run. These are on 2008 and newer rigs.

    From the "older" days of the Q being grounded through the mounting pedestal on the front bumper, the newer ones actually have a ground cable from the frame to a mounting bolt on the Q. To think that is good, is misleading. It seems that even with the yellow corrosion protective paint, that there is still some corrosion on either end of the cable to keep the Q from working. I've found that you need to disconnect both ends of the cable, sand them clean, and sand both the frame connection and siren connection clean to get a good ground. Once you've done that, the issue is pretty much gone (read as, haven't had a problem since).

    Basically, if you have an issue with a Q on a Spartan, check that ground cable. More than likely, it is the culprit.

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    After getting a good bond, are you then covering the exposed conductor with a dielectric compound? May help with preventing further corrosion.
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    Yup, I was thinking the same thing; slob some truklite (or equal product) on the terminals before you re-assemble and then afterwards when you are done, which I am sure he did.

    I don't know why he bothered, should have just replaced it with an electronic siren; after all, they are better. (coughcoughBULLSCHITcough)
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