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Thread: 04 July 2011

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    Default 04 July 2011

    Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

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    You too.Be safe,too.
    I'll be having a problem that we all have once a year on Monday.I think my favorite birthday was my 17th when my Uncle and his pharmacist went to Kansas to buy fireworks unavailable(readossibly illegal) in Oklahoma for a big party.
    They filled the back of a 1981 Chevy with a cap with $600 worth of fireworks.(In my creaky old man's voice:"And those were the days when $600 could buy LOTS of fireworks.That was real money then,boy")
    Come the big day,we started shooting stuff at about Noon and I am not talking about untwisting ladyfingers and lighting them off one by one.
    We did entire strings of the things hung in the trees to drop on the ground.We had bottle rocket wars,roman candles,twisters,smoke grenades,rocket launcher pads,tanks,drag cars that exploded at the end of the run and people just dipping into the boxes and scooping out armloads of whatever they wanted next.
    Where was the fire Chief and county Sheriff during all this?
    IIRC,the Chief was lighting punks for the kiddies and directing them when they'd launch their bottle rockets and roman candles("Safety,kids,always think about safety") and the Sheriff was the bartender/bandleader that day.
    We went until midnight eating,drinking(sometimes I'd sneak an adult beverage or three if I'd gotten a neighbor's daughter to talk to me)shoot fireworks,socialize and whatnot and not one neighbor complained because they were all at my Uncle's that day.
    No one got hurt and no fires were started since we'd hosed down the lawn before we started and hourly during the heat of the day.

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    thanks, you too! Enjoy the partays... stay safe!
    Firefighting - one of the few professions left that still makes house calls.

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    Happy 4th of July everyone. Be safe and have a great time.

    This is for you firecat.

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    I'm the one Fire and Rescue calls, when they need to be Rescued.

    Quote Originally Posted by EastKyFF
    "Firemens gets antsies. Theys wants to goes to fires. Sometimeses they haves to waits."

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    HAVE PLAN.............WILL TRAVEL

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    Happy fourth of July from your Friends to da Nord Eh!

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    Happy New Year!!!

    Oh wait..

    Dang, late again..
    I fish for a living, but I have to work for money...

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    A Fourth of July Prayer
    ______________________________ __________
    We lift up our hearts, O God, on this day of celebration in gratitude for the gift of being Americans.

    We rejoice with all those who share in the great dream of freedom and dignity for all.

    With flags and feasting, with family and friends, we salute those who have sacrificed that we might have the opportunity to bring to fulfillment our many God-given gifts.

    As we deny all prejudice a place in our hearts, may we also clearly declare our intention to work for the time when all people, regardless of race, religion or sex, will be granted equal dignity and worth.

    Come, O gracious God, who led your children Israel from slavery, keep us free from all that might hold us in bondage.

    Bless our country and join our simple celebration that we may praise you, our Source of freedom, the One in whom we place our trust.

    Ed Hays
    A Pligrim's Almanac: Reflection
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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