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    Most places I've seen do 1-1.5 miles. Average 7-8 min miles. In regards to your weight training, do some high intensity strength training. When you do squats, combine that with a press for example... I've seen some very strong guys get smoked by guys who are just all around in better shape, but weaker. Strength isn't the key, going hard for a long time is... so train as you fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamjesse View Post
    I guess I was just curious if they recorded times because if when reviewing your exam results they are able to see your time, it's a hard thing to overlook even IF it's supposed to be pass/fail!
    I know for a fact that some depts do record times, and while officially maybe they cant use it to determine if you move on or not, it might have an effect on their decision if its you vs someone else. When I got DQ'd, I was told I was a good candidate, good background check, and a great CPAT time, etc.

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    The time is most certainly available to those who are making the final decision.

    Medical= evaluation of the ability to perform the job
    Physical Agility= evaluation of the desire to perform the job

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    Default Toughest CPAT event

    not my post
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    I have been temporarly hired and I have a psych test, medical exam and physical aglity exam left to take. Is the physical agility the same thing as the CPAT or is the CPAT something you have to take once you pass the physical agility before you go to rookie school? Pardon my ignorance on the subject.

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    So you've received a "conditional offer" pending passing these things?

    All depends on the department. Generally the CPAT, which is a standardized physical agility test, is what several departments use during the initial testing prior to hiring. For some, the terms CPAT and Physical Agility are interchangeable, but technically they are not.

    Your best clarification will come via the department in question.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edpmedic View Post
    I agree with ffbam, BoxAlarm, and FFFRED.

    Bottom line, prepare for the CPAT by conditioning yourself like you're training to do the job. You'll be wearing 60+ lbs of gear and also carrying tools, possibly up many flights of stairs in a rapid fashion. You need to be able to hang when it's humid and 90+ degrees and you're fully dressed. You need to be able to throw heavy ladders by yourself. You may need to carry victims or other FF's out of the building. You need to be able to hump hose up the stairs, around corners, etc. You need the metabolic conditioning of a wrestler or MMA competitor. If you get gassed, you should be able to recover in a few breaths and keep moving. It's harder when you're on air. Get one of those high altitude training masks, use it's blackout feature, and do vigorous cardio with weights, because that's what it's like:


    If you're claustrophobic, the mask will expose that.
    I am definitely getting one of those masks. But, until I can come up with the 90 bucks I'll use my Marine Corps issued gas mask, since the order states I can use it for physical conditioning, since it is free, haha.

    powerhourcoug: Depending on the SCBA mask I would sa no. I know that the SCOTT masks I've used offer no resistance without a regulator clipped in. They have a huge hole in the front where the regulator attaches. All wearing a SCOTT mask will do is get you used to having a mask on your face and help with the claustrophobia, even then, it will still take time to get used to the resistance of the regulator.
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    I don't understand, besides the claustrophobia issue, how is using a mask more beneficial than just working out harder. Does it build up your lung capacity?

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