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    Default Hello Everyone, looking for advice

    Hello everyone, happy Independence day and thanks to all who have given to the fire service.

    I'm a 19 year old from Mass and I'm very much so committed to becoming a firefighter, and was looking for any advice possible from veterans/active firefighters on how to get the ball rolling and what path to take.

    I was considering joining the military for a time, because I know that there is a preference for people with military service, if so is there any specific branch anyone would recommend that's best fit for someone interested in becoming a firefighter? Part of me just wants to sign up right now, but I don't know what to do.

    Another path I was considering was to go to community college and get a fire science associates and EMT basic while doing Army ROTC and then see where it goes from there.

    On another note I was just curious if many Firefighters take offense to civilians wearing apparel with firefigther logos on it? I have an FDNY shirt that I wear on occasion and mean it as a sign of support, though I get why some people may feel its a privilege to wear it by becoming an actual firefighter, which is something to be earned.

    Anyways I look forward to all responses, all help is appreciated.

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    First, welcome to the forums. I'm a young guy myself and was in the same situation as you at one point in time. First thing I'd recommend is joining a volunteer company to make sure the job is for you. I've seen people who's dream was to be a firefighter, join a volunteer company, then end up quitting because it just wasn't for them. School is a great road to take, but so is joining the military. I took the school path so I can't weigh in on the military aspect of it, but from what I've heard on here USAF is the closest to civilian firefighting you will get. As far as civilians wearing fire department shirts, that's going to be a toss up. I'm sure some people will say it's something that needs to be earned, which is understandable, but just wanting to show support is also a very understandable thing. Hope this answered your questions. Best of luck in whatever path you choose.
    "If it was easy, someone else would of done it already." - Lt. Ray McCormack FDNY

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