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    Default Chances of an Out of state FF getting a job in Tennessee

    What are the chances of an out of state firefighter/emt landing a job in Tennessee? An out of state FF to come into FL would have to go through Fire School again and all the state tests but i know some states will take my out of state Certs... can anyone help me get an idea what the prosses would be in TENN? because FL is rough right now with jobs....

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    Default FL to TN FF

    I moved from FL to TN 3 years ago, and I got a job within a year of moving. If your firefighter 2 has an International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or Pro Board seal then TN will recognize it and you should not have to go back through school (Knoxville fire and some other depts. send everyone through their school regardless). You will have to volunteer or become employed before you can submit your FL firefighter certs to TN for reciprocity. As for your EMT, you will need to be an NREMT and have an active FL EMT-B to transfer to it to TN. You will then have to take a bridge course to be come an EMT-IV to work in most places. It is easy and can be taken in about 40 hours at most community colleges. The State of TN is easy to work with, so I would call them for further information. Hope this helps.

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