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    Default Training Videos and Books

    Im looking for training videos or books for Pumping basic engineer things like PSI for handlines friction loss how to use the pump what lines are what pressure and things in that direction.. please give ideas and sites if there are any.. Thank

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    Basically two ways of looking at friction loss. Either rule of thumb or by using coefficents. Both can be found on this site by searching through the forum.

    You have to remember that what you use for your line and what I use for mine is probably not going to be the same. Desired GPM, hose size and length, nozzle pressure and pump configurations all determine proper engine pressure.
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    www.ifsta.org is a good place to start.

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    Default Training Videos

    Go to the FRC (Fire Research Corp) web site. They have videos of their pump governors and show the relationship between engine RPM, PSI, and GPM. They are short and can easily be viewed by each crew member. If the videos are not there contact your local FRC sales rep and they will provide them.

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    Delmar publishing has a good book, Basic Pump Operations i think is the title, it goes over all methods of figuring friction loss, among many other important and useful topics.

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