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    Lightbulb Pay Attention to Small Problems

    I brought our engine back from an MVA, smelled brakes. Front driver's wheel was super hot. Must be brake hung up. Took it in for repair right away. Found... seized brake, broken front springs, axle about to fall apart, and crack in frame. Now we are shopping for a new truck..

    SO! Always pay close attention to small issues with your trucks, could lead to a lot more than you anticipate!!

    Stay safe out there!

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    Nice job by the mechanic not to get tunnel vision & miss the frame problem. Good mechanics are worth their weight in polypropylene.
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    Where the heck are you driving that thing???

    Good catch - and good luck shopping!

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    Default Brakes

    Glad nobody was hurt and all is well. Good luck with your new purchase and your right about getting to it when the problem is small. I've been driving down the freeway and have the wiring harness under the dash catch fire. Nice pic of Fire Department putting out a vehicle fire on freeway ...on their own rig.
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    Thumbs up It's a

    late 70's chassis i believe, new shell put on around 2000. Truck owes us nothing that's for sure!

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