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    Default What test i have to take to become a firefighter?

    Hi, I just wanted to know what kind of exams do I have to take in order to certify as a firefighter. Also, how hard they are? how many questions? is it passing or fail score?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I think a lot of this depends on where you live.

    For the entrance exams (to be accepted into the academy) in a lot of places there is usually a written test accompanies by a physical test (often the CPAT which is a standardized test).

    From my understanding, you need to do extremely well on the written exam to be considered for a job. The physical exam I believe is pass/fail.

    After you are accepted to an academy, there are a number of tests/certifications you will have to actually be able to be a working firefighter.

    Most of these questions are pretty easy to answer if you use google or search these forums!

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    what state do you live in???

    find out what is required just to turn in an application in your state/ city

    check different city web sites fro requirements

    go visit a local fire station and set down and ask questions and listen and write down the answers

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    Hi Ordonez-

    I wonder if you mean what do you have to do to become a firefighter? The tests vary from program to program and department to department.

    In general, you'll need your EMT cert, a driver's license, and no serious legal or medical problems to apply for a job.

    In California, there is also alot of Firefighter 1 and EMTP only testing.

    Whereever you are, the first thing you should do is go spend a semester of school and get your EMT cert.


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