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If the volunteer house is not 'real', what is it? Imaginary? Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I'd perhaps start by not demeaning the volunteer firehouse by implying it's not 'real'.
How well is either department organized and run. Is the volunteer station more of a social club or does it maintain well-trained firefighters?Bottom line: It may take you a while to get a career firefighting job. Look into the details about each department and pick the one that will get you the most training and experience and one you can run with while you search for a job. It may take a few years.
Sound advice and I agree with your comment.

[QUOTE=EGregory;1281984]one hint for you. Don't use the term real in comparison to volunteer around the volunteer house. Spend some time around them and if it's a good volunteer house you'll realize that Volunteers are Real firefighters.[/QUOTE]

I feel that as a volunteer, we need to be more professional, we do not have the threat of losing our jobs if we do not train, we train like the pro's because we can be killed just as fast in a fire. We want to go home to our families afterwards just like the career brothers/sisters do. Fire is an equal opportunity killer, it doesnt care if you get paid to kill it or not, it will fry anyone exactly the same.

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Alright, sorry it took so long to respond. I am US Miltary on my last deployment. I want to send out a applogy to all the men and women who volunteer their time and sweat to being a volunteer firefighter. I didnt mean any harm when I said "real", I wasn't saying that a volunteer is no less a firefighter than a full time paid firefighter. I just did know how to word my statment. I am currently getting ready to go home to prepare for a career as a firefighter. I went to a few firehouse meetings as a volunteer but as all my stuff was getting processed I got 3 days notice to deploy. But I have the up most respect for all those men and women, career or volunteer.
Ok, I was hoping to see an apology from you and I, as a volunteer accept your apology. Im sure you will find that the department you join will be just as professional as a career department, just because it says "Volunteer" on the sign out front doesnt mean we dont act the same as our career family. I have had the honor of fighting a fire side by side with some career firefighters in my area and I learned from them. I have taken college courses taught by career fire officers and they were great people willing to teach those of us wanting to abandon the terms "Volly" and "Paid" and just be firefighters. He taught me a lot about the fire service and I respect him because he respects everyone that honors the brotherhood and wears the badge with pride. We are all family and it shouldnt matter.
I wish you well in your search for a career as a firefighter, just remember; keep your eyes and ears open and learn from the senior firefighters and officers. Good luck to you.