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Thread: FDNY Exam 2000

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    Quote Originally Posted by ready4fire View Post
    If j specifically stick to sprints do you think thats good enough?

    Not really, I would throw some distance in there. Sprints are good for improving lung capacity/speed but still will need to go for distance in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmccormack24 View Post
    does anyone how far in advance the run letter are sent out in advance of the start of the academy? If the next class starts 12/29, roughly when will the wave of run letters be mailed out?

    Run letters for the last class started getting emailed on 6/2 for a 7/14 academy which is about a month and a half in advance. If our academy starts 12/29 then the first batch of run emails may start getting sent out mid November IMO. What do you guys think ?

    And for guys that want to predict what class they might be going into the previous 4 classes have gone through about 600-700 spots to fill up each class so do the math with those numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herc_1812 View Post
    Yeah that's what I was saying in my head..and not saying Mr. Lin is not accurate with his assumption, it just seems to be to rough on the edges. Regardless of anything my mind is set on jan 16. July 15 would just be extremely uplifting
    keep hope alive for the 3classes a year. Im also in the 30xx range and hoping to make it to the Sept class if so. January 2016 seems so freakin far.
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    Does anyone know where the updated list can be found?

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    based on what we did yesterday at the pt session im going to be making up my own workouts based off that for the next weeks and i will post on here. i will be doing this one tomorrow.

    5 min warmup double unders/rowing

    5 rounds 25 jumping jacks 10 pushups
    1 min rest
    5 rounds 5 burpees 10 kb swings 30 second plank hold
    1 min rest
    5 rounds 5 burpees 10 box jump 10 mountain climbers
    1 min rest
    5 rounds 5 burpees 5 slow pushups 5 strict pullups
    1 min rest
    5 rounds 50 foot farmers carry (holding heavy dumbells or kettlebells) 20 situps
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    75 burpees... thats one way to get in shape. be nice to your wrists on those burpees

    if 700 per class is the new normal. these are the next classes

    jan 15 - 2059
    july 15 -2759
    jan 16 - 3459

    my guess is july 15 class stops at list number between 2500-2800

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    Don't sleep on the grip strengthing exercises, fellas. From what everybody says, it's pretty crucial. Using that rope pull machine at the academy during cpat prep should have given you an idea, if you've gotten to by now.

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