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Thread: FDNY Exam 2000

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    Long time reader first time poster. Before I posted anything i actually read the majority of this forum to find almost any question I had answered. Sitting at the mid 20XX's and just wanted to congratulate everyone who has gotten a run letter thus far. I can only hope to receive one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mocon337 View Post
    I'm sure you have but check your other emails dude. My friend forgot he gave DCAS a different email for NYPD stuff (after exam 2000) and only remembered to check it this morning to find his run letter!
    I've only ever used one, but just to be safe I checked my other one as well. Both spam folders are clear too. I officially have not received one. I'll speak with someone tomorrow. Hate to be a bother, but this is kind of important. And you know what they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil."

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